So, some of us at Bladerunner Radio mostly, are self proclaimed Rage Against The Machine Fans. We play quite a bit of their stuff as a matter of fact…including songs that FM radio refuses to touch based on the massive amounts of money spent on research and consultants to form those completely idiotic conclusions. (I Heart Clear Channel now serving: over 21 billion in debt).

Based on Digging For Windows, the current release from Zach de la Rocha, and the current incarnation of The Prophets Of Rage, featuring The other side or Rage Against The Machine with Chuck D and DJ Lord of Public Enemy, and B-Real of Cypress Hill, it’s pretty easy to see where most of the talent in this band was, and went.

Not that there was much of a question as to the “singing” ability of de la Rocha, he doesn’t do that. He’s a lyricist, a poet. He’s a preacher, a philosopher. An anarchist, a voice. And a pretty damn good one, of all of the above. Unfortunately, he’s preaching to an era that doesn’t really seem to be very interested in the lost art of beat poetry, Zach is the new generation’s unhailed carrier of this currently topical antiquated torch. If he wouldn’t be offended because these guys are all white, we’d even say that Zach is this generation’s Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs and Jack Kerouac. Cracker-ass Crackers.

He still has a message, it just doesn’t seem to be as cool without the soundtrack. It’s like buying a bag of M&M’s, and getting just M’s. The biggest reason Zach was able to get his messages out to the masses, was the jam-funk-crunch of his back up band: “The Talented Ones”. Not to say Zach isn’t talented at what he does, he is a master wordsmith and a free form flow arteest, but even at a Starbuck’s, giving away free Iced Roasted Chestnut Macchiato, Zach’s words alone, with a microphone, would drive the most liberal, entitled, elitist Millennial out the door about 3 minutes in. With Rage Against The Machine, I personally found that the music was more important than the message with this band. Rarely agreeing with the message the band was trying to project, freeing cop killers from prison, my Grandparents never “bought a brown skinned man” and the like, even so, the rage felt real with these guys and the music relayed it. This seems to be the running theme now with Prophets of Rage as well, cool band, very polarizing messages. For those getting the message and processing it…more power to ya. On the aggression scale…not so much so for this version of Zach’s current offering. Seems like he’s still pissed off so you’d think he’s still interested in pursuing that style. It has sort of a “Damn it…I’m mad…and in a minute I am going to get up and tell you about it” sort of feel to it. It’s like when your friend is going through a bitter breakup, and just texts you the gist of it. So you’re sorta like…”Yeah…okay…not really”

Even the other side of Rage Against The Machine where not completely convinced of their talents and future, when Zach left the band in October of 2000. Bladerunner Radio conducted an interview with Tom Morello as he was embarking upon a new journey with the new talent filled project Audioslave. The very first thing we said to Tom was “F*ck you guys for breaking up Rage Against the Machine”. Tom was quick to fire back that the “singer had quit…don’t blame me for that”. We didn’t care…we just had to yell at someone. But even in the interview Morello, doesn’t quite have the confidence speaking about his talent as he does just being it. There was a hint of unsureness, as expected, in the unknown with his future endeavours, but we had enough confidence to know that anything he, or they as a band did, was going to be a-okay.

We are still hopefull for a new Zach de la Rocha album, possibly due out in 2017, if the rest of it is like this first track, we can wait awhile.

Check the new song out for yourself…like any critique, it’s just someone’s opinion, and ours may be easily as full of shit as any other.

zach solo

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