Who’s crazier…Donald Trump…or YOU?

There are those who say voting for Donald Trump is crazy…I say, no crazier than those same people who voted for Barack Obama the first time he ran for President. And maybe the second time as well. At least we know who Donald Trump is. Barack Obama, very few people knew much about this guy, aside from the Illinois residents where he briefly served that community. In context of Presidential level politics…Obama was a nobody who came out of nowhere.

He was the perfect tool for the Democratic party. Extremely eloquent in his manner of speech, able to deliver the most sincere teleprompting we’ve seen in quite some time, and oh yeah…he’s black. Did anyone mention he’s black?

Thankfully all of the news outlets were so informative with each mention of his name to make sure we were aware that Barack Obama was “the first African American President”, over and over and over and over again. I understand and respect the historical significance, but seriously? Thank you again for mentioning it the first four years he was in office, we may have not been able to decipher this fact as the nation of Kardashians we’ve become.

Also crazy…the fact that people voted for Barack Obama solely because he is black. That’s about as crazy as it gets right there, at least with Donald Trump…one way or the other…you know where he stands politically, so you can vote for or against him based on politics, which is what the Presidency is sort of about, rather than just the color of someone’s skin. I remember watching a story on the news shortly after Obama was sworn in as President…this 85 year old black lady, never voted in her life, but she became a short lived TV star/local celebrity because for the first time in her life she voted. And she voted for Barack Obama, because he is black. Everyone was carrying on about how great this was that she got out and voted… I was thinking…all the work that Martin Luther King did, all of the civil rights crusaders over the years, the people who fought and died to give this woman the opportunity to vote, and in her lifetime she never used it. She was not a “hero”, she was not “this sweet little old black lady” she was an ignorant whore who threw away her right to vote, and let a nation of people die in vain because of her ignorance.

Crazy why people do the things they do. Crazy voting for Donald Trump?…probably. Just as crazy voting for Barack Obama. If you are a Trump fan, and anyone tells you that you are crazy for voting for him…ask them if they voted for Obama in ’08. Then ask if they voted for him again in ’12. Then laugh at them, point out the fact that they are twice as crazy as you.


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  1. Chuck

    What I like about Trump is he is NOT a career politician. He is not in someone’s pocket because he has his own money. He is the strongest candidate, charismatic and not too unlike Putin. Putin isn’t a great leader, nor would Trump most likely be, but people see strength of character in him and that is why Putin is popular. Lets not forget that the role of the President is mainly a lot like CEO position of a company too, he doesn’t micromanage every detail, he picks from choices of macro policies and decisions, not micro and you can not deny Trump has been very successful in doing just that for his businesses. So why would we want to elect someone to run the country who is not experienced in such decision making? And has no experience in budgeting (another major role of the president, but a key role for a CEO.) Trump may not be well versed or PC, but he is telling it like it is, not walking on egg shells around issues, pulling no punches, and just knocking people out left and right. He is now 24% in the polls, DOUBLE THAT OF JEB BUSH!!!


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