If you publish or air an article/piece on Bladerunner Radio, we will reciprocate in kind by promoting your magazine/television/newspaper on Bladerunner Radio in advance of the publication. Please let us know when it will be published or aired. 623-ALL-ROCK


BLADERUNNER RADIO is a 24/7 online Rock Radio station, owned and operated by Blake Wolney “Bladerunner”, a professional radio/television broadcaster with a radio/television/film career including over 20 years of medium, and major market radio experience. Previous radio experience includes XM SATELLITE RADIO in Washington DC, ABC RADIO NETWORK in Dallas Texas including the WORLD FAMOUS Z-ROCK, WKLS and WNNX Atlanta Georgia, and KATT Oklahoma City. “Bladerunner” has also starred in several independent films including “SAM AND JANET”. Bladerunner Radio is based out of Norman, Oklahoma.


There’s a brand new Morning Show in town, and it’s World Wide! The Bladerunner Show. Hosted by “The Bladerunner” It airs from 6am-10m (CST) Monday through Friday. The Bladerunner Show is the new alternative to old, out dated FM morning shows dominated by car commercials and unnecessary and insipid morning DJ laughter.


-THE LOUDEST LOCAL SPOTLIGHT: At 8:15 am CST every weekday morning, Bladerunner Radio plays an unsigned or independent artist. We’ve broken new bands and new songs for artists that may not get the chance to be heard on this type of platform. We have music from Russia, Brazil, The UK, Sweden, France, Japan, Australia, Canada, and all over The United States. Submit your material at: LOUDESTLOCALSHOW@GMAIL.COM -ED O’CLOCK ROCK: For those of you that may remember the ED ZACHARY character that haunted many Chinese restaurant and Whama-lart telephone lines, Ed is Back. Every Friday Morning at 8:00 am CST (Ed O’Clock Rock), Ed delivers one of his classic phone pranks. ARTIST CHOPS: Bladerunner Radio has interviewed an amazing amount of the rock artists that we play on the air, insights to song information you may not know about, artist opinions, funny stories, serious subjects, stupid questions, and mostly always entertaining. We edit our interview into segments or “Artist Chops” and we recycle our interviews for the longevity of a certain song or an artist themselves. NEW MUSIC MONDAY: Every Monday morning between 6-10 am CST Bladerunner Radio plays brand new breaking music, new songs from established and up and coming artists. Songs that may or may not end up on The National Charts or our regular rotation. THE MOST INAPPROPRIATE SONG: Bladerunner Radio picks a topic, usually something news worthy world wide, and offers listeners the opportunity to add their idea of The Most Inappropriate song to be played in an audio version of “Caption This” to emphasize the topic. FREE WIFI: If you’re driving by the Bladerunner Radio studios, we offer free Wi-Fi within a 32 foot radius. We change the password every day to thwart our neighbors from downloading inappropriate content, and give out the new password each morning on The Bladerunner Show. Mostly always ending with the poop emoji.


Shortly after Midnight July 4th, 2013…Bladerunner Radio “declared its independence from bad FM Radio” with the sounds of Rage Against The Machine’s defiant anthem Guerilla Radio. Bladerunner Radio…was officially “On The Air”. “Initially, we were going to sign Bladerunner Radio on the air on its own date that didn’t have any historical significance” says Owner/operator Blake Wolney, also known by his radio personality “Bladerunner”, “We were going to give it its own individual day and moment in history, but a few setbacks brought us closer and closer to the beginning of July and in an off handed comment I said…’maybe we should do this on the 4th and declare our independence from bad FM radio…and it stuck”. In the kitchen of then webmaster Joe Vallone, also of Norman, the encoder was engaged, and Bladerunner Radio was Globecasting live, World Wide, for the very first time. Bladerunner Radio Globecasts worldwide from “The Shoot Your Radio Studio” in Norman, Oklahoma.


  1. From our Website www.bladerunnerradio.com
  2. From our Mobile App download link available on http://bladerunnerradio.com/app/
  3. Download free mobile app from Tunein.com and search Bladerunner Radio.
  4. Click Skills in your Alexa App, search Bladerunner Radio, ask Alexa to play Bladerunner Radio


BLADERUNNER RADIO is a combination ALBUM ROCK/ACTIVE ROCK station. With a passion for Rock, we play a bit of classic rock, new rock, alternative rock, and a surprise touch of a few other genres. Our core music base is MOTLEY CRUE, OZZY, AC/DC, AEROSMITH, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, VAN HALEN and METALLICA. You’ll also hear music from LED ZEPPELIN to HALESTORM. We also include local and unsigned artists from around the globe that play in daily rotation.


The Bladerunner Radio logo was designed by our friend Steve Clark of Superior Graphix Inc. He was given instructions to design a logo with wings, for two reasons. One, that incorporated an homage to The Bladerunner’s favorite artist Waylon Jennings, and the other to signify being “On The Air”. The front door of the Bladerunner Radio studio is the old front door from the locally famous Samurai Saki House, purchased at The Samurai’s closing auction sale for Five dollars. Bladerunner Radio signed on the air in the early morning hours of July 4th, 2013 and in an offhanded comment at the time “Declared our Independence from bad FM Radio” Guerilla Radio from Rage Against The Machine was the first song on the air at Bladerunner Radio chosen both for the song title, and the name of the band as both were symbolic for this event. Bladerunner Radio almost was unable to go live after everything but the Royalty Fees for artists were set up and ready to go. An umbrella company designed for online radio was found at the last minute, combining the cost of the ASCAP/BMI and SESAC fees. Bladerunner Radio, and online radio in general pay more in Royalty Fees per generated revenue than FM and Satellite radio combined. Bladerunner Radio was played in the world famous Whisky A GoGo between band sets as house music one evening as we were debuting a song from the band Screaming For Silence performing there at the time. Bladerunner Radio T-shirts have ended up onstage worn by bands such as Puddle Of Mudd, and Red Dragon Cartel, as well as several onscreen moments on the popular Discovery Channel show “Street Outlaws”.


“One thing that definitely sets us apart from virtually any other morning radio show is the music we play. Along with the familiar radio hits, we’ll throw in some Clutch, Pantera, Deep Tom Petty, maybe some Insane Clown Posse…stuff that pumps you up and in general is just music that isn’t deemed safe for morning radio by some consultant based in a city 700 miles away.” “We keep our talking to a minimum…and our music is the star of the show”. “We’ll keep you up to date with the latest world happenings including sports information which is all relevant for the day…but we keep it concise and do not drone on and on just for the sake of talking”. “To compliment the star of the show, our music, The Bladerunner Show is very music intense with our information…We are ALL ABOUT THE ROCK. We do band interviews and we recycle archive interview segments called “Artist Chops” with the artists we’ve met at Rocklahoma, and other venues and shows around the country.” “We have several entertainment features on the show, The Loudest Local Spotlight is a segment where we play a song from an unsigned or Indie artist from anywhere in the world and promote them with their music and give out their contact info. We ask our listeners to alert us to any bands we may be missing out on, and also to let their ban friends know we will play them”. “This is radio for people who love music and are a little more opened to the idea of dropping labels, and experiencing different sounds. In addition to the radio hits we play remixes, live tracks, alternate lyric songs, deep tracks, and we do a lot of cover songs. Sometimes the cover song can be just as good or maybe better than the original, sometimes not so much. But we’re open minded enough to give it a shot, and think our listeners are also”. “Radio has spent so many years brain washing their listeners through repetition and forced familiarity…it’s been our job to undo that brain washing. Most people have responded quite well to not always hearing just the radio hits on Bladerunner Radio. We’ll play Ragdoll from Aerosmith, but we’ll also play Jail bait, or Uncle Salty, and so far no one’s been injured because of it”. “A lot of radio morning shows have turned into a parody of themselves, they’ve become their own stereotype. Consisting generally of two guys babbling on about nothing all the while some “news girl” is unnecessarily laughing in the background at everything…just for the sake of laughing. Then they throw on some phone call that usually ends with them berating a listener and ending in a contrived mock controversy. There is a very outdated mind set with a lot of these morning radio shows and radio in general”. “We started out the first week with 10 people listening in randomly, and over the past few years our connections have increased to the hundred thousand. We stepped all over those first 10 people to get where we are today.” “There is so much great music out there, as people are finding on their own online, and these same people also miss the spontaneity and entertainment factor that radio and the personalities brought to it to make that music even more memorable for them. We’re bringing that feeling back…and it’s not a nostalgia trip…we’re lot reliving anything…we’re re-creating radio…mixed with a bit of the past, but moving it forward and adapting it to today’s listening platform. “209 billion dollars in Digital Ad Spending worldwide last year, 41% of the worlds market, and the music industry doesn’t take online radio seriously, they’re still drunk from celebrating their Napster Victory and ‘winning the internet’. Still partying like it’s 1999” “FM Radio was the Undisputed Heavy Weight Champion Of The World. Until some consultants from Chicago and Atlanta disputed that. And because of that, we’re actually glad that the industry really isn’t paying attention to us sometimes” The Bladerunner can be heard Monday through Friday from 6 am to 10 am CST. It airs live from THE SHOOT YOUR RADIO STUDIO in Norman, Oklahoma.


BLADERUNNER RADIO our main target demographic musically, is a bit unlimited. Our goal is that of the new generation of parents bring their kids, and the younger generation back to what radio used to be, when it was entertaining, fun, and audience interactive. So with that in mind, there is no age limit to our target audience. However, if we were to break it down for the purpose of attracting advertising, our “typical” demographic would be with the 18 to 54 year old audience.


BLADERUNNER RADIO adheres to a self-imposed FCC style guideline which includes a no profanity policy, both with our music, and our radio personalities. Because of this, we feel are able to maximize our listening audience to the workplace, as well as the home audience. We also feel that parents will be more apt to want to introduce their children to the world of rock without taking away from the spirit of the lifestyle. We feel this also sets us apart from other online radio that may have little or no regulation whatsoever. We are still a rock station however; we’re not the Disney channel.


BLADERUNNER RADIO on air personalities, or GLOBECASTERS, is a group of people who are passionate about the music they play, and are tailored to the shows they host. From Austin Texas, Turin, Italy to Atlanta Georgia, Kansas City and back to Oklahoma City, the personalities on Bladerunner continue to cover the globe with a diverse passionate rock and roll background. We have Concert Correspondents who travel the country meeting bands and attending festivals all over the country.


BLADERUNNER RADIO is fully covered in our social media department with our stationary website bladerunnerradio.com, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. We encourage our audience to interact with us through these sites, and frequently post pictures and promotional material. We also encourage our audience to call our 24/7 request line to request songs, and leave comments. 623-ALL-ROCK.


BLADERUNNER RADIO supports local events wherever we are available, with appearances at concerts, charity events, promotions, and paid business events. We have broadcast ‘Round The Clock Coverage’ from one of the largest of Summer concerts, ROCKLAHOMA, We have broadcast from FARM ROCK ATLANTA, STAND UP TO CANCER charity event, several biker associated events including KICKSTANDS UP 2015, 2016 AND 2017, 2018. BLADERUNNER RADIO, MAKING RADIO ROCK AGAIN. Contact us at 623-ALL-ROCK. 623-255-7625 bladerunnerradio@gmail.com

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