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THIS DAMN DAY IN ROCK A Bladerunner Radio Feature

THIS DAMN DAY IN ROCK is a daily feature on Bladerunner Radio. You can listen online at or search Bladerunner Radio in the app. This is a segment from June 5th. It airs each

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Gene Simmons Trademarks Losers Name and Address…

Jarek Gurtney 53 of Coos Bay, Oregon recently found out...if you mess with the unsuccessfully trademarked horns, you still get the possibly trademarked Bull. Gurtney was the first person to order the $50,000 Gene

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Bladerunner Radio to remain on the air!


Hello Everyone...we just found out in the 13th hour that BLADERUNNER RADIO will remain on the air!!!!! Our streaming service is continuing its services. Unfortunately, along with this...our operating costs have

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