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13 Reasons Why Some Craigslist People Are Really, Really STUPID!

Craigslist…like anything else created by mankind…comes with the guarantee that it will most likely be ruined very quickly by really, really stupid people.

If you’ve ever dealt with anyone on Craigslist, you know you’re really lucky if you work out a good deal. You have about a 30 percent shot at the person on the other end of the transaction being a decent, halfway honest person. 70 percent of the time you are dealing with complete morons. If those numbers seem a bit off to you, you don’t do Craigslist enough.

Here’s Bladerunner Radio’s Top 13 Dumbest Ass, Numbnutz, Craigslist Morons….every single one of these is based on a true story…

13. The Idiots who refer to an item, most often a vehicle, as “She” or “Her” more than one time per conversation.

12. The “comedians” who post pictures of an item with a cat in the photo, then proclaim that “The cat’s not included LOL”. L……..O………L.

11. When you Finally find the exact item you’ve been looking for at the perfect price, only to find out it’s some lame-ass no job-skill scammer collecting your email so they can flood your inbox with “Christian Mingle” ads.

10. Dopes who say they will trade their item for “Anything of equal value…let me know what you have”, instead of specifying what they prefer, then reply “No” to every single item of equal value you offer them.

09. Morons who “misread” the odometer on a vehicle, and when you drive 230 miles to look at it, there’s actually 100,000 miles more on it than what they told you.

08. The goof who sell an item and put “SOLD” in the title of the ad…instead of just taking the ad down like normal people.

07. The sleaze who continuously refers to you as “My Friend”, “Buddy”, “Boss” or “Guy”.

06. The dimwit you call up that has the personality of a shoe, and every time you ask them a question, it takes them 15 seconds to reply in monosyllabic answers.

05. The lazy ass who can’t take their own photo, but instead uses a stock photo of an item that is a way newer model than the outdated version they are selling.

04. The numbnutz who brags on their item over and over about how great it is and “It’s like brand new”, then you get there to find it’s a huge, hard used piece of shit, and they get mad at you for pointing it out.

03. The Jerkoff who tells you they will hold an item for you after you tell them how far you have to drive, and when you get there in the hours time it took at 85 mph to get there, they tell you “Someone just picked it up”.

02. The Knobjob who says “Will consider a reasonable offer” So when you make a reasonable offer, they then reply…”No, my price is firm”.

And Number One… The Assface Dipshit who leaves his ad up for 6 years after selling an item, then get’s annoyed when you call or text them.

These have seriously all happened to us. More than once. Most recently the guy who had the DJ Mixing board on Craigslist…after 4 days of trying to purchase the item from this guy, he emails back and says..”My mom will be mad if i sell it”, and…then…continues to leave the ad up.

Just when you think you’ve got Craigslist figured out, like every 10th person that contacts you is legit, or if something looks too good to be true it’s a scam, something or someone else pops up just in time to make you remember “Oh Yeah, I forgot I was dealing with complete idiots”.

And sadly…this is just from people selling items on this site, it’s unfathomable to think of those who use Craigslist for “Legal Services” or “Men Seeking Women”. Daaaaaaaaang!

I’m sure I missed a few…got any to add?


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  1. Captain Whoremoan

    I have a used puck bag… will trade even if you can touchup the paint


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