BLADERUNNER RADIO is a 24/7 online Rock Radio station, owned and operated by Blake Wolney “Bladerunner”, a professional radio/television broadcaster with a career including over 20 years of medium, and major market radio experience. Bladerunner’s previous experience includes XM SATELLITE RADIO in Washington DC, ABC RADIO NETWORK in Dallas Texas, which includes the Legendary Z-ROCK, WKLS in Atlanta Georgia, and several years at KATT in Oklahoma City.


BLADERUNNER RADIO main target demographic is the 18 to 54 audience, with the goal of parents bringing a younger generation back to what radio used to be when it was fun, entertaining, and audience interactive. With that in mind, there is no actual age limit to our audience.


BLADERUNNER RADIO adheres to a self-imposed FCC style guideline which includes a no profanity policy, both with our music, and our radio personalities. We feel this sets us apart from other online radio that may have little or no regulation whatsoever. We also want parents to know we are a respectful online station that helps teach their kids about what great rock and roll is all about. We are still a rock station however; we’re not the Disney channel.


BLADERUNNER RADIO is a combination ALBUM ROCK and ACTIVE ROCK station. With a passion for Rock, we play a bit of classic rock, new rock, arena rock, alternative rock, and a surprise touch of a few other genres. You’ll hear music from LED ZEPPELIN to HALESTORM. We also include local and unsigned artists from around the globe that play in daily rotation.


BLADERUNNER RADIO on air personalities, or GLOBECASTERS, is a group of people who are passionate about the music they play, and are tailored to the shows they host. From Reno Nevada to Atlanta Georgia, Kansas City and back to Oklahoma City, the personalities on Bladerunner continue to cover the globe with a diverse passionate rock and roll background.


BLADERUNNER RADIO is fully covered in our social media department with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. We encourage our audience to interact with us through these sites, and frequently post pictures and promotional material. We also encourage our audience to call our 24/7 request line to request songs, and leave comments. 623-ALL.ROCK.
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